Shots of Serenity Episode 50

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Hello my love's and welcome back to another episode of Shots of Serenity podcast, we are on episode 50. This is a podcast where we have conversations that bring awareness to certain mental health manifestations, to holistic well being, to mind body spirit connection to higher consciousness, higher self, and just really overall awareness for from daily topics that kind of seem very easy, but really take intention and planning. Like I told you guys a couple episodes ago, I want to start some of the episodes with some grounding exercises, just to really set the tone. This episode won't be too long. However, I do think it's important. As you can tell from the title, it is about the old me, dear old me, dear old you, dear old us. So I want to start off with a pretty lengthy affirmation that you can either use and repeat after me, or you can use to kind of just meditate, it'd be pretty short if you want to keep rewinding it, or maybe pause after the ending and just sit in the words in the intentions, wherever, whatever you feel led to do. So of course, we're going to start with a deep breath.

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And I'm going to ask you guys, if you can to please be in a quiet space. If you are able to pause what you're doing, close your eyes, and really just bring your awareness to the words that come out of my mouth. So again, this affirmation, meditation, grounding exercise, whatever have you is dedicated to your older self. I choose to take what I need from the old, unhealed version of myself. And I let go of what no longer serves me. I can do this with grace, I can do this. With love. I can do this without repressing my feelings. Dear old me, thank you. Thank you for all that you have offered me. Thank you for never giving up and pushing forward. Thank you for showing me that there is true strength and resilience in my being. Again, I'll repeat it. I choose to take what I need from the old, unhealed version of myself and let go of what no longer serves me. I can do this with grace I can do this with love. I can do this without repressing my feelings. Dear old me, thank you. Thank you for all that you have offered me. Thank you for never giving up and pushing forward. Thank you for showing me that there is strength and resilience in my being. Alrighty my loves so of course I like to give a nice little warning that you will be hearing my intro. So brace yourself and I'll see you guys in a few. Hello my love's and welcome to Shots of Serenity, where you can find dope conversations and a peace of mind. This podcast is not meant to be a replacement for counseling or psychotherapy. I encourage each and every one of you to seek out a licensed helping professional as you see fit. This podcast was established as a safe space to continue the conversation of mental health and all of its manifestations. Now let's get into it! Alrighty guys, thank you for tuning in to Episode 50 of Shots of Serenity podcast!

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So I believe that this is going to be a pretty quick episode, in the sense where I really want to show gratitude to my older self, your older self and our older selves. And I'm going to use those words interchangeably throughout this podcast because this is for all of us. So the purpose is to show gratitude truly, you are not the same person you were yesterday, last week, last year. I am not the same person I was yesterday, last week, last year if you think about it, what you've prayed for what you desired what you build a foundation for. You are sitting in those blessings and if you're not necessarily seeing the same exact thing whether that be really materialistic then one that's okay, two it may not be for you or for you in this timing. So I want to say this episode one is for everybody but I think it'll be better received for those that are really just being intentional about all the concepts that we've been talking about lately really being intentional about going on their own journey whatever that looks like whatever that may or may not entail so if that is you show your older self gratitude. You are so not the same person that you've been working hard from towards your so not the same person that was building the foundation again yesterday last week, last year, then you are today. So I really want to just want to take some time to have gratitude for the person you were back then. Because like our affirmation in the beginning of this episode stated that person showed us that there is true strength and resilience. I don't know about you but yesterday, last week last year, it seemed so hard especially in this pandemic. It seems so overwhelming it seemed like oh my gosh, but we made it. We made it we're alive we're working towards ourselves if you're listening to this podcast you're working toward your higher self. Me recording this podcast guys I'm working towards my higher self because I took time out to sit here and have a conversation with you guys and myself essentially. So give yourself that grace and that gratitude for thugging it out like your an og it don't it doesn't take the weak to be here. So give yourself a pat on the back. I wanted this episode to set as a foundation for inspiration and motivation because you are seen. Told you guys this episode really is for people who just been working grinding, working towards their higher selfs and I don't mean that in a quote unquote productive way like Oh, you're working on a business or you're working 40 hours a week or even going to school or even if that is you and those were your goals that you set. This is for you to know that you are seen. I see you, we see you, those around you they see you and I just want you to keep pushing. You gotta keep pushing you got this. You are meant for this this moment right now. Kind of just bring it home to bring it in a more relatable sense. I feel like I've came a long way from the way my thoughts used to be from my attitude. I touched on this before from past trauma, um to what I do now. Truly and I'm not saying like my life was just in shambles and even if it was, that would be okay. Even if that is you that is okay. What I am saying is I wasn't operating at the frequency that I felt like I needed to, to continue to elevate. I felt stagnant. I told you guys the purpose of this podcast because I got comfortable. Like I really wasn't doing anything outside of going to school. And I had to realize like I'm not a kid anymore.

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And I truly don't and I won't to live a life of dang I wish I could have done this. I don't want to live a life where I'm dependent on my job for financial freedom. I don't want to live a life where I'm dependent on other people to bring me happiness, to bring me peace, to bring me joy. I wanted to cultivate that for myself, this times get hard. Hell yes. And these aren't other things that I want to talk about throughout this podcast is, just because you're working towards your higher self doesn't mean that crap don't get hard, it doesn't mean that, oh, when stuff happens, you're just gonna act like you don't care, cause that's repressing your feelings. Working towards your higher self, is when those negative thoughts come, because they're gonna come, you combat back them with positive thoughts, or you choose not to pay them any attention, if it's more so the older version of you talking, and I think these are things that we can get more in depth into separate episodes, cause I do believe that they deserve its own light. But when you think about it, we have so many thoughts, we have so many thoughts, whether they whether they be conducive to what's actually going on, whether they're intrusive, whether they're negative, they're positive, we have so many thoughts that go on throughout the day, random thoughts, thoughts of things that's like, Oh, snap, I should have done this, or oh, I wonder how this is right. So in situations where it feels stress, it feels overwhelming. Whatever your triggers may or may not be working towards your higher self is having that understanding that you can either sit in it, because that's what you need in the moment. So sit in it explored or just sitting there and let it pass through. And then telling yourself, you know, remind yourself that those are your thoughts, those are emotions that are passing by, but they are not you and you don't have to embody them. Or depending on the situation and where you are, and what you feel like is right in the moment you go directly to that thought of these are, these are feelings, they're warranted, they're valid, but they're not I don't have to take them on, I don't have to embody them. I can I can identify and explore what brought them up. I can identify and explore what kind of let them go away. But also don't have to take them on you kind of start viewing things in an I want to say analytical perspective, for lack of a better words, not too analytical, where you're just stressing yourself out and really trying to figure out why a plus b isn't equaling c. But more so in an awareness perspective, like okay, so when Johnny said, when Johnny called me that girl, I didn't like it, why didn't I like it, like he just called me that girl? Why didn't like it. Because when I was younger, my parents never said my name. And it made me feel invalid, it made me feel unseen. And it makes me feel more comfortable when people call me by my name. So that completely came off the top my head. But you know, that's some of our reality it may not be in that same situation. But there's pretty parallel in the sense where little things that seem very little to other people can have deep rooted trauma. And the whole purpose of healing yourself and exploring yourself is being able to be aware of this is what happened. This is how it made me feel. And this is why it made me feel this way. Now, of course, it is not an overnight process. It is not something that just comes down easily. It's something that comes when you ground yourself when you do exercises, like I did, or like we did earlier when you meditate on certain things. And those things come up when you journal about certain things. And as you're just journaling, you realize like, oh, there's feelings there. So all the things right? That entail grounding yourself, healing yourself, working towards your higher self, self exploration, all those themes. But again, this really, this episode is really to love on who you were prior to that. Because that person that individual allowed you to be who you are right now, who you are right now is going to allow you to be who you plan to be in the future. And of course, that duality, right? That doesn't mean that everything's perfect from now on. So, again, really just wanted to bring that up and bring emphasis in the fact that we all have a past. We all have a present. We all have a future.

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Let where you are right now determine who you are right now. Don't let the past or the unseen future dictate what, who you are in this moment. I think we can all agree that many times where we are on the journey of, you know, healing ourselves, we're on the journey of growth, we want to just be like, let's just forget about that person in the past, because we let them go, and we're moving forward. But what another one of the things that's important to remember within this episode is, that person is who is who sat that who set the foundation for who you are, right now, if you weren't that person, you wouldn't be triggered by the things that you're triggered by right now. If you weren't that person, you really couldn't even go through this beautiful growth, there would be nothing to grow from, like we've talked about, I think it was like in the forgiveness episode, or one of the episodes of compassion, we all have a path, we all have things that trigger us, we all have things that are traumatic, some more traumatic than the other, but there's always something to grow from, there's always something to heal. There's always something to elevate from, and those things that we're elevating, growing from and healing from are beautiful pieces of us as well. So again, I told you guys, it's not gonna be that long of episode. But I really just want to hone in on the fact that the importance of having grace, gratitude and forgiveness for the past is so important. Without those three things, they hinder your growth, if you are in resentment, of course, a lot of these are things that kind of just come up. But if you're in resentment, for who you used to be, how are you going to love who you are today, because essentially, it's the same person, right? Essentially, it is you are the same human being in the sense where you have the same arms, you have the same legs, you have the same heart, you have the same ligaments, you have the same organs, they may look different, their size may be different, they may have grown, shrunk, whatever the case may be, but they're still yours, you still have the same social security number. So if you are repressing the old you, you're repressing the new you as well. And what that really means is, if you think about it, how can a flower love? Or a caterpillar? How can a caterpillar love itself when it's a butterfly? But it doesn't like itself when it's a caterpillar? Like in order for it to become a butterfly, it has to go through the stage of being a caterpillar? It has to ground itself in its cocoon. I don't think that's like, the correct term necessarily, I don't know they're called something different. But you know, the little things that goes into hibernation the cocoon until they become butterflies, like, if they hate that whole process, how can they find true joy, true beauty, true gratitude for when they have its wings, and it flies like how?

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Just really understanding that the old you still lives within you, it may not necessarily be in the form where, you know, you're having the same patterns and it may is not impossible, obviously. But again, in the sense where you are the same human being used to have that same social security number. It is still you, you're not different, you're not a completely different soul. So that's why we talk about trauma work. That's why people are encouraged you to go to counseling. That's why we talk about shadow work, because many of our unhealed things, the unhealed versions of ourselves began somewhere. So getting to that root, loving the root for what it is for who it is being grateful and showing gratitude for that root. Because it had so much strength and resilience to get you to where you are right now that you even had intentions about being great even had intention about healing yourself. Like that takes a strong person if you ask me. So those of you on the journey, please, please, please show gratitude to your younger self, your past self, the quote unquote, unhealed self because she, he, they them, they deserve gratitude, deserve recognition, deserves grace. Because they did the best they could in the moment and all you can do is thank them for trying for putting up a fight, and for not letting you down.

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Because if you're listening to this podcast, you are not let down, you are still up. And for those of you listening that may not even have gotten to the stage of killing yourselves. One I advise you to maybe just something I like to do. But listen to the beginning episodes, starting from the very beginning, I say that because I kind of also took you guys on a journey, as I'm learning these things. The first episode was self doubt. And in the moment when I was writing, I was like, Oh, this is a nice topic, but realizing that that is the foundation or could be the foundation for, you know, many of many journeys, just to say, um, so yeah, if you are inspired to just start loving on yourself, I advise you to start with the beginning of the podcast if you like the vibes. And or check out other podcasts as utilize your resources, follow inspiration on social media, in a healthy way, follow inspiration on certain YouTube channels in a healthy way. Read books, go to a counselor, okay? Go to a counselor. I also the first thing that I believe that you can do, just right here right now is exploring your younger self exploring your childhood, it may be intense, it may be traumatic. So if you don't feel like you're able to actually go through that process on your own, of course, you know, risk prevention, for sure over here. So if you don't feel comfortable, you don't think that you can truly dive that deep. Just by yourself. If you don't feel safe, for sure. Go to a counselor, I would also advise go to a safe, trusted, supported person. In counseling, one of the things that we do is like a crisis plan. So if you were in crisis, who would you go to? So whoever it is that you go to that you genuinely trust, but I do, I do advise a helping professional because at the end of day, they're professionals, they're unbiased, their job is to cater to you and your needs, obviously, get one that you can actually build a good connection with any who going off tangent so yeah, if it's you, and you're just like, ah, I don't know where to start. I don't want to start well I mean, if you don't want to start you don't start but I don't know where to start I do just advise you to just keep an open mind. It's not gonna be easy it's not a one two step as you heard from the beginning in all of this episodes, when you also work towards it, there's always going to be more work to do 40,30, 20 years from now it's always going to be more work to do and not in a discouraging place. But in a healing place because you're not going back. You're always going forward. You're not staying consistent and linear you're always elevating so like why not grow I also encourage you to also find things to do that you love and you enjoy now a lot of this can be heavy heavy work, and it is. I'm not even gonna downplay and say it's not it's worth it. It's for sure fruitful. It'll set the foundation for your best self to come no matter how old you are, how young you are. But I also encourage you after you know diving into that heaviness go back and fulfill your cup go back and do something that once you that allows you to keep pushing that allows you to want to return and be like I want to feel good real quick and then maybe later I'll come back and really just explore that thing that happened when I was five just to figure out what it is and you move on from it. Everybody's journey looks different. What works for me may not work for you what works for you may not work for me. But I can I do feel confident in saying that it truly starts from the beginning. So I told you I was going to be a pretty quick episode. I love you guys very, very, very, very much. Dear old you. You are love, you are light, your are strength, you are resilience. Dear you right now. Thank the old you for all of those things because they are still within you. And you still embody all the wonderful things. Like we said in the beginning, take the things from your unhealed self that serve you that keep pushing you and leave the things that don't serve you leave the things that feel like baggage, because you don't have to take it all on. But those of you deciding to work towards it, start from your earliest memory, explore it, literally ask yourself questions everything. I used to do that a lot when I first started I still do it now like, again, back to that explanation. Like why did that made me feel this way? Oh, because I didn't like this. Why did I not like that again, on some child energy like, why didn't I like that? Oh, because this, this, and that well, why this, this and that like, you know, when we were younger? And our parents used to tell us stuff you just like But why? And they'll say something but why like that exploratory mindset and being that was gold. I don't know whoever told us to stop asking questions. But asking questions allow you to find out why. When you find out why you know how to move forward, moving on. Alright, y'all have a great day, a great week. Love y'all. Namaste.

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Alrighty beautiful people. So I have another unnamed quote. So whoever you are, shout out to you for making this quote. And it says "an unhealed person can find a fence in pretty much anything someone does. A healed person understands the actions of others, has absolutely nothing to do with them. Each day, you get to decide which one you will be." Honestly, that may be a decision to make every day and that's okay. It's the fact that you have that awareness to make the decision and you be okay with the choice that you decided to make. I say that all to say, y'all got this! We got this. That's just it like which one do you want to be today in every day? Do you choose to let other people control your emotions? Or do you choose to understand that it is a reflection and it has nothing to do with you and you pray for their healing, but you choose to not take it on? Choose to not take it on today and every day.

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Thank you my love's for taking the time out to listen and join the conversation. I really hope you all enjoyed it. Please don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast. If you've done so already. And you like the vibes. Be sure to write a review wherever you're listening to Shots of Serenity. It truly helps. Also, feel free to email or DM us with any recommendations, questions, comments or concerns. Our email is , our Instagram is shotsofserenity_ and those are all spelled the exact same way it is spelled on our podcast. I'll see you guys next episode. Thanks again for listening, peace and blessings to you all and your families. And I hope you all have an amazing week. Buh bye.

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