“Me Too.” …And Three Self-Care Practices To Save Your Sanity

Being part of the "Me Too." community, I have unfortunately suffered in several situations that are no longer holding my soul hostage.  I have come out on the other side, more healed, more sane, and fully sober.

My Unraveling Bath Puff and the Irony Surrounding It

I know that this may seem silly to some, however, I like to break things down into the little epiphanies that they are in my life. I enjoy celebrating my tiny "Aha" moments and internalizing my truth, which for me, is that I will be alright no matter what. I also have made a conscious decision that I will never purchase another bath puff at the dollar store again. 

I Saw a Shiny Object on the Day Life Lesson Handbooks Were Distributed

I turned to alcohol to self-medicate. The sedative effect that overtook when I would drink provided a peace and order I had never known.

You Mean Self-Care Isn’t A Pint of Vodka?

For many years, I was fooled. I thought I deserved a pint of vodka (ok, a liter to be honest) or a glass of wine (or a box...ok!). The days had been long for me in high school and college...so long in fact, that often they blended together so two to three days were really … Continue reading You Mean Self-Care Isn’t A Pint of Vodka?