“Me Too.” …And Three Self-Care Practices To Save Your Sanity

Being part of the "Me Too." community, I have unfortunately suffered in several situations that are no longer holding my soul hostage.  I have come out on the other side, more healed, more sane, and fully sober.

My Unraveling Bath Puff and the Irony Surrounding It

I know that this may seem silly to some, however, I like to break things down into the little epiphanies that they are in my life. I enjoy celebrating my tiny "Aha" moments and internalizing my truth, which for me, is that I will be alright no matter what. I also have made a conscious decision that I will never purchase another bath puff at the dollar store again. 

I Saw a Shiny Object on the Day Life Lesson Handbooks Were Distributed

I turned to alcohol to self-medicate. The sedative effect that overtook when I would drink provided a peace and order I had never known.

Don’t Let Depression Turn You Into An Insane Cat Lady

When I was even just 15 years younger, I often thought I was so hopeless that I would literally be found in a hopeless state of feline confusion with cats sitting on my head, begging for food, and a comatose me staring at a blank wall.

Where’s My Jesus-shaped Potato Chip?

I'm always looking for a sign. I am partly superstitious and partly insecure. By insecure, I mean, I sometimes want to know that I am traveling in the right direction, doing what I am meant to do, soaring on the correct path to happy destiny. I utilize all of my senses in order to discern … Continue reading Where’s My Jesus-shaped Potato Chip?

A Haiku A Day Keeps Depression Away

Writing helps. Writing helps my, sometimes debilitating, depression. My mind is akin to my heart with words instead of actual blood. Just as my heart pumps blood on a very regular basis, my mind pumps out words all day, different times, every day. I sometimes come across a home, scene, animal, or piece of earth … Continue reading A Haiku A Day Keeps Depression Away

Self-Care Challenge for the 4th of July: 5 Ways to Stay Sane

The Fourth of July...close your eyes and what do you see? A spewing of red, white and blue everywhere? Bright red brake lights highlighting the epic traffic jams for miles while families tow RV's and boats slowly up to vacation homes and camps? Do you see the bright hail of fireworks illuminating the humid sky … Continue reading Self-Care Challenge for the 4th of July: 5 Ways to Stay Sane

You Mean Self-Care Isn’t A Pint of Vodka?

For many years, I was fooled. I thought I deserved a pint of vodka (ok, a liter to be honest) or a glass of wine (or a box...ok!). The days had been long for me in high school and college...so long in fact, that often they blended together so two to three days were really … Continue reading You Mean Self-Care Isn’t A Pint of Vodka?