Downsize This!

Downsizing---->Why do it? Starting about a year ago, my wife and I decided it was time to simplify our lives. We were inundated with "stuff" that we had carried with us over the years. As we began our new life together, we made it a point to do a few things to begin our downsizing … Continue reading Downsize This!

“Me Too.” …And Three Self-Care Practices To Save Your Sanity

Being part of the "Me Too." community, I have unfortunately suffered in several situations that are no longer holding my soul hostage.  I have come out on the other side, more healed, more sane, and fully sober.

I Saw a Shiny Object on the Day Life Lesson Handbooks Were Distributed

I turned to alcohol to self-medicate. The sedative effect that overtook when I would drink provided a peace and order I had never known.

You Mean Self-Care Isn’t A Pint of Vodka?

For many years, I was fooled. I thought I deserved a pint of vodka (ok, a liter to be honest) or a glass of wine (or a box...ok!). The days had been long for me in high school and long in fact, that often they blended together so two to three days were really … Continue reading You Mean Self-Care Isn’t A Pint of Vodka?