About Shots of Serenity

In November of 2017, nearly 10 years after stepping into my first recovery meeting, I set off on a journey. With my beloved, amazing wife, our small, leased Chevy Trax, a few hundred dollars and some bits of clothing that we chose to keep, we set out to find freedom. The freedom that I sought was from my past, the straitjacket that I figuratively stepped out from within.  I began to finally unravel from my body, mind and soul. The freedom was not about escaping as it always had been. It was about living simply, more freely and with more purpose than I had ever imagined. The following pages are snippets of my journey with shots of serenity, hope, love, faith, and purpose.

Shots of Serenity is about stepping out of that straitjacket and actively into my life. It is about challenging fears, moving beyond expectations, and changing an old reality. It is about simplifying and downsizing and traveling.


You may call this a blog, a collection of art, photographs, stories, words, or a page you like. I rely on life experiences, education, and my history with mental health and substance abuse struggles. This reliance allows me to dictate the words, art, and photographs that depict different aspects of my life as it relates to how I exist in this world today. In my pages you will find personal experiences, news stories, current events, stories filled with hope and love, struggles, anecdotes and examples of self-care strategies.


I have come to call them shots of serenity as they are little shots that have helped me discover who I am. It is these shots of serenity that have allowed me to delve deeper into my experiences and communicate them to a much larger community. I want to share that recovery is possible for everyone. You will find humor, sadness, challenge, tragedy, happiness, faith, etc. in this collection of works. It is my hope that my readers, wherever they happen to be in their stories, recovery, or lives, take these shots with them and add them to their inventories of self-care and self-respect. cropped-18342227_1959992520911860_354868194934349004_n.jpg

I encourage my readers and followers to connect with me. I thrive on learning, meeting new people, exploring my creativity, and loving with all of my might.


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