Downsize This!

Downsizing—->Why do it?

Starting about a year ago, my wife and I decided it was time to simplify our lives. We were inundated with “stuff” that we had carried with us over the years. As we began our new life together, we made it a point to do a few things to begin our downsizing and simplification process:

  1. We communicated! Whether you are with someone as a partner or downsizing alone, communication with other is key. Spread your ideas, talk about why you are doing it, what is meaningful, what are your future goals. Our goal was to be able to travel light and acquire adventures, memories, and network with like-minded people. We decided to stop buying impulsively (that 85th pair of soft fuzzy socks was not really that necessary!), look for ways to be frugal in every avenue of our lives, and have continued dialogue regarding our future and how each purchase or donation would contribute to this valued goal or set us back.


2. We began to live a more frugal life. We began to clip coupons, shop around for the best deal, question every purchase from a block of cheese to a vacation, and invest time and energy into earning points, cash, extras for brands we love. This helped us to save on the splurges we wanted (Starbucks, for example) and to carefully assess the best way to save on larger purchases (Amazon Prime and Ebates). These little things add up and slowly we are saving and growing our savings, sanity, and future.

3. We began to be concrete about our goal. We began to really think about our skills and what he had going for us. What could we transfer to, say anywhere? I could build a website and have been working to teach myself through Skillshare  (how to sell my valuable services and not look like a tool! , how to use my current writing skills to earn money online, how to start my own business, sell, market, create, Skillshare  (a very tiny investment with a huge return) to help create my future. My wife and I began to think long and hard about what we wanted in our future.. dream board/vision board style. We checked books from library, read blogs, asked around, etc. We began to put together a plan. We knew it would take a while to get ourselves to the point where we are today.


And speaking of that point, we are currently about a year later and begun to sift through our lives together and separately and are paring down for our upcoming, epic move in two weeks! We have given away/donated TONS, sold/selling lots, and deciding what we really NEED vs. WANT to be happy, productive and live our dreams!



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